• NounsDAO is creating an NFT comic book series with Titan Comics and ComicsDAO.
• The comic books will be minted as NFTs and buyers can redeem their digital tokens for a physical copy.
• The project hopes to expand the brand’s IP and creativity by building out the narrative of its NFT collection.

NounsDAO Creating NFT Comic Book Series

NounsDAO, in collaboration with Titan Comics, ComicsDAO, and 4K Protocol is creating an NFT comic book series titled „Nouns: Nountown“. The series will feature a storyline about the tokens within the Nouns ecosystem and will be authored by David Leach (senior editor at Titan) and illustrated by Danny Schlitz.

Minting of Digital Tokens

The comic books will be securely vaulted by Web3 security provider 4K Protocol. Post-mint, buyers can redeem their digital tokens for a physical copy or purchase the physical book in stores. This way, traditional content categories such as comics can enjoy a new life with Web3 technologies.

Expanding Intellectual Property

The project also aims to expand the intellectual property (IP) of it’s brand through this collaboration; operating under CC0 copyright classification. Anonymous co-founder of Nouns 4156 said that releasing a digital and physical comic book would inspire community members to seek new ways to extend the brand’s creativity.

Adam Fortier’s Take on Project

Adam Fortier, comic industry veteran and founder of ComicsDAO expressed his enthusiasm about Web3 technologies bringing a new life to classic categories of content; stating that comics were totally interested in different stories but also had the collectible aspect which embodied the essence of NFTS in the physical world.


In conclusion, this collaboration between several projects is allowing for more creative expansion into open-source brands through storytelling via comics as well as offering buyers access to both digital & physical versions which supports wider adoption of blockchain technologies into traditional products & services.