• Azuki’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday, prompting a malicious link to be sent out.
• The co-founder of the popular anime-inspired project is in touch with Twitter to resolve the issue.
• Hackers have previously used the Azuki name and branding to trick unsuspecting users.

Azuki’s Twitter Account Hacked

Azuki, a popular non-fungible token (NFT) collection, had its official Twitter account hacked on Friday afternoon. The account tweeted a malicious link, asking followers to „claim land“ in The Garden, the collection’s native metaverse platform. Hoshiboy, the co-founder of Azuki, told CoinDesk that they are in contact with Twitter to resolve the issue.

Previous Azuki Scams

This isn’t the first time hackers have attempted to use the Azuki name and branding to trick unsuspecting users. In April 2021 a hacker took over India University Grant Commission’s official Twitter account and promoted an airdrop of fake Azuki NFTs. Fortunately, officials were able to recover the account shortly after.

The Garden Platform

Azuki recently introduced The Garden as a meeting platform for holders of its NFTs. According to data from secondary marketplace OpenSea, Azuki’s current floor price is 14.76 ether (ETH), or about $23,600 USD, and the project has done 274,510 ETH ($4.4 million USD) in total sales since its January 2022 launch date.

Emily Rose Warns Followers

Azuki community manager Emily Rose tweeted out following news of the hack informing followers not click any links in recent tweets from their official twitter page which has been deleted as of Friday afternoon moderators on Discord still warned users not click on any links within their bio which still lead too some sort scam site

Advice From Hoshiboy

Hoshiboy advised all those impacted by this hack not to click on any unknown links or share personal information with anyone online without verifying it first through official sources like social media or email accounts associated with Azuki’s team members or affiliates .