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Uniswap V3 Protocol Moving to Binance Chain: 80% of UNI Token Holders Vote Yes

• The Uniswap community recently voted on a proposal to move the decentralized exchange’s V3 protocol to the BNB Chain, with 80% of UNI token holders voting in favor.
• The temperature check was organized by OxPlasma Labs and saw 20 million UNI tokens cast in the poll.
• This move could see Uniswap benefit from the increased speed and performance of the Binance Chain.

The cryptocurrency industry has seen a surge in the popularity of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in recent months. These peer-to-peer trading platforms offer users the chance to trade digital assets without the need for a centralized authority. Uniswap, one of the most popular DEXs, recently held a “temperature check” to gauge support in the Uniswap community for a possible move of the decentralized exchange’s V3 protocol to the BNB Chain.

The poll was organized by OxPlasma Labs and saw 20 million UNI tokens cast in the poll. Of these tokens, 80% of UNI token holders voted in favor of the move. This could see Uniswap benefit from the increased speed and performance of the Binance Chain.

The Uniswap protocol works by matching trades and supplying liquidity between traders. It locks up a user’s digital assets and provides liquidity for trades through a “pool”. This pool is maintained by a series of smart contracts and it is these contracts that could be moved to the BNB Chain.

Moving to the BNB Chain could also offer Uniswap users a number of additional benefits. For example, BNB’s lower transaction fees could provide cost savings for Uniswap traders. It could also add additional security to the platform, as BNB has a strong track record of keeping its platforms secure.

In addition, the BNB Chain offers a number of additional features that could be beneficial to Uniswap users, such as the ability to launch tokenized assets and trade them directly on the BNB Chain. This could open up a range of new trading opportunities for Uniswap users.

The move to the BNB Chain is not yet confirmed, but it is clear that the Uniswap community is in favor of the move. This could pave the way for Uniswap to become even more popular and offer users a more secure, cost-effective and feature-rich trading platform.

Crypto Revolution: Empowering Marginalized Communities to Take Control

• Crypto is not hurting lower income and marginalized communities, but instead providing them with new tools to regain control from oppressive financial systems.
• Rep. Jesus Garcia’s comment that crypto companies are “making money using one thing: hype” and that “ordinary investors” lose when the hype runs out is unhelpful and implies certain communities are ill-informed and vulnerable.
• Grassroots projects can lead the crypto recovery by empowering marginalized communities to take control of their finances and benefit from the booming crypto industry.

Crypto has been a game-changer for many lower-income and marginalized communities around the world. Unlike traditional financial systems, crypto provides these communities with the tools and resources to gain control over their own finances, unlocking potential for financial independence and freedom. This is a major step forward in the fight against poverty and inequality.

Rep. Jesus Garcia recently raised eyebrows when he declared that crypto companies are “making money using one thing: hype” and that “ordinary investors” lose when the hype runs out. This statement is not only unhelpful, but implies that certain communities are ill-informed and vulnerable, which is simply not true. Crypto is providing unprecedented access to financial independence for people who may have previously been excluded from the traditional financial system.

The crypto industry is growing quickly and there is no doubt that it can benefit the communities that need it most. However, for this to happen, grassroots projects must be at the forefront of the crypto recovery. These projects have the potential to empower and equip marginalized communities to take control of their finances and benefit from the booming crypto industry. They can also provide access to education and resources to further develop the industry and ensure that everyone can benefit.

Grassroots projects can also help to create a more equitable and transparent industry, including measures to ensure that everyone is included in the decision-making and benefits from any profits generated. This could lead to a more sustainable industry, providing higher quality services and products to users, and ultimately, a more inclusive and equitable world.

In conclusion, crypto has the potential to revolutionize the lives of lower-income and marginalized communities around the world. Grassroots projects can help to lead the crypto recovery, empowering these communities to take control of their finances and benefit from the booming crypto industry. This could lead to a fairer and more transparent industry, as well as a more equitable and inclusive world.

117 Parties Express Interest in Buying FTX Units Ahead of Deadline

• Around 117 parties have expressed an interest in buying units of FTX, as a deadline for initial bids approaches.
• The crypto company’s bankruptcy case could take years, but the estate has prioritized the sale of LedgerX, FTX Japan, FTX Europe and stock-clearing platform Embed, arguing they are the easiest to separate and have a risk of losing value if not sold quickly.
• Attempts to urgently sell LedgerX and FTX Japan have invited legal protest.

As the deadline for initial bids for units of crypto company FTX draws closer, more and more interested parties have expressed interest in buying the units. According to a legal filing posted Sunday, around 117 parties have expressed interest, with various financial and strategic investors among them.

The FTX bankruptcy case could take years to resolve, but in the meantime the estate has prioritized the sale of certain assets, such as LedgerX, FTX Japan, FTX Europe and the stock-clearing platform Embed. This is because these assets are the easiest to separate, and they have a risk of losing value if they aren’t sold quickly.

However, the attempts to urgently sell these assets have invited legal protest from some parties. Nevertheless, the sale of FTX units is still set to go ahead and the deadline for initial bids is fast approaching.

The implications of this sale for the FTX bankruptcy case remain to be seen. It will be interesting to see what happens when the bids are reviewed and the sale is finalized. It could potentially have a huge impact on the crypto industry, and it will be interesting to see what the outcome of the case will be.

Crypto Trader Arrested After Draining $110 Million from Decentralized Exchange

• Federal authorities have announced the arrest of Avraham Eisenberg, a crypto trader who drained $110 million from Mango Markets, a decentralized crypto exchange.
• This case raises questions around the application of commodities manipulation and fraud laws to crypto and the impact and utility of uncovering weaknesses in decentralized protocols.
• Gareth Rhodes, a managing director at Pacific Street, commented on the case and the importance of decentralized exchanges such as Mango, Uniswap, and Aave.

Avraham Eisenberg, a crypto trader, was arrested by federal authorities on Tuesday after he drained $110 million from Mango Markets, a decentralized crypto exchange. The entire operation was made public on the blockchain and in real-time on Twitter, leading to the arrest of Eisenberg and raising questions around the application of commodities manipulation and fraud laws to the crypto industry.

Gareth Rhodes, a managing director at Pacific Street, commented on the case and the importance of decentralized exchanges such as Mango, Uniswap, and Aave. He said, “Mango Markets is a crypto trading platform where users can buy, sell, lend and borrow crypto tokens. These exchanges are fully decentralized and all transactions are conducted on the blockchain, transparent to all. Rules regarding margin requirements, liquidation triggers and the setting of token prices are established by code that is posted on GitHub, and the marketplace operates without human intervention or oversight.”

In the case of Mango Markets, oracles are used to set the price of tokens on its exchange, which monitors the average price the same token is listed for on other exchanges. This allows a user to borrow crypto assets with a certain amount of leverage. However, in Eisenberg’s case, he was able to exploit the oracles and take advantage of the decentralized nature of the exchange to drain $110 million.

The implications of this case are far-reaching. Not only does it highlight the potential for manipulation and fraud in decentralized protocols, but it also highlights the need for individuals to uncover these weaknesses and ensure that the crypto industry remains safe and secure. It is also a reminder that even though these protocols are decentralized, they are not immune to human error and can be exploited if the proper safeguards are not in place.

As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, it is important to remember the lessons learned from this case. It is essential that individuals remain vigilant and that protocols are continuously monitored and updated to ensure that these types of fraudulent activities do not occur in the future.

FTX Japan to Allow Customers to Withdraw Funds in Mid-February

• FTX Japan customers will be able to withdraw their funds as of mid-February.
• Customers will have to set up an account with Liquid Japan, a local crypto exchange purchased by FTX earlier this year.
• Withdrawals from FTX Japan were halted on Nov. 8 after local financial regulators ordered the exchange to suspend services.

FTX Japan, the subsidiary of FTX Trading, announced on Thursday that customers will be able to withdraw their funds as of mid-February. This marks the first time customers of the collapsed crypto exchange will have access to their money since FTX Trading Ltd. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US in November.

In order to facilitate the withdrawal process, FTX Japan has asked its customers to first set up an account with Liquid Japan, a local crypto exchange purchased by FTX earlier this year. After customers verify their balances, FTX Japan will begin processing the withdrawals as of mid-February. However, the company has stated that this timeline could change depending on the progress of the external security audit.

The withdrawal process was halted on Nov. 8 after local financial regulators ordered FTX Japan to suspend services. Following the suspension, FTX Trading Ltd. filed for bankruptcy in the US and FTX Japan began working with the company’s bankruptcy lawyers to ensure that Japanese customers‘ funds would not be part of FTX Japan’s estate.

The resumption of customer withdrawals marks a positive step forward for FTX Japan and its customers. With the impending return of customer funds, FTX Japan is hopeful that its customers will be able to begin trading on the exchange once again.

Maximizing Productivity with Libre Office Writer in Landscape Mode

In this digital age being able to efficiently create or organize files is vital for students, businesses as well as professionals. Libre Office Writer is an efficient word processor that lets users to edit, create and distribute documents. One of the major benefits that comes with Libre Office Writer is its capability to operate as a landscape-oriented mode. This feature lets users get a larger view of their document, making it much easier to work with large documents and increase efficiency. This article will discuss the advantages that come from employing Libre Office Writer in landscape mode, and how you can maximize productivity using this feature.

What is Libre Office Writer?

Libre Office Writer is a free and open source word processor which forms part of Libre Office. It is part of the Libre Office suite. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Libre Office Writer, a robust and feature-rich word processor that allows users to edit, create and communicate with documents. It offers a broad array of options which make it simple to create, organize and collaborate on documents. It also lets users make charts and tables, as well as alter the appearance and feel of documents.

Benefits of Libre Office Writer in Landscape Mode

One of the primary benefits of the use of Libre Office Writer in landscape mode is the wider viewing of documents. In view in landscape, the text will appear bigger, allowing users to look at more than one page of the document. This allows for easier work with large documents such as presentations, reports, and spreadsheets. Users can also quickly navigate through the document and quickly find any mistakes or mistakes. In addition, Libre Office Writer in landscape mode makes it much easier to utilize the tools of the program like its spell-checker , auto-correct and spell-checker.

Organizing and Formatting Documents

Libre Office Writer in landscape mode allows you to arrange and format documents. It comes with a broad range of formatting options, which allow users to modify the look and feel of the document. The user can alter the font’s type, size and color, and also include tables and images. Furthermore, Libre Office Writer in landscape mode allows you to align paragraphs and text and also create lists that are bulleted or numbered. These features allow you to create documents that look professional.

Creating Tables and Charts

Libre Office Writer in landscape mode can also make it easy to create charts and tables. The program comes with a vast variety of tools that enable users to swiftly and effortlessly create charts, tables, and diagrams. Additionally, it comes with a broad variety of templates that make it simple to design custom tables and charts. In addition, Libre Office Writer in landscape mode allows users to personalize tables and charts and adding additional data.

Using Libre Office Tools

Libre Office Writer with landscape modes allows users to easily utilize the tools of the program. It comes with a variety of tools that permit users to swiftly and efficiently examine grammar and spelling mistakes, and auto-correcting errors. Furthermore, Libre Office Writer in landscape mode allows users to monitor changes and to collaborate on other writers.

Customizing Libre Office Writer

Libre Office Writer with landscape modes lets users customize the program according to their preferences. Users can change the look and experience of the application as well as include additional tools and features. Furthermore, Libre Office Writer in landscape mode makes it simple to add extensions and plugins to further enhance the functionality of the program.

Collaboration and Sharing

Libre Office Writer with landscape modes allows users to collaborate and to share documents among other people. It lets users effortlessly share files with others and monitor changes in real-time. Furthermore, Libre Office Writer in landscape mode allows users for users to make comments on document as well as note notes.


Libre Office Writer in landscape mode is a robust and feature-rich word processor that allows users to create, edit and transfer documents. Its landscape mode lets users to have a larger view of documents, which makes it simpler to work with massive documents and boost efficiency. Furthermore, Libre Office Writer in landscape mode allows you to arrange and format documents, and create charts and tables. It also comes with a vast variety of tools and features that let users customize the program and share information on other projects. Libre Office Writer with landscape modes is an excellent tool for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your.

How to Access Your Local Files on Spotify Mobile

Do you want access to your music library from your phone? It’s easy to do so with Spotify! Spotify is among the most well-known music streaming services and lets you access your music files locally anywhere. In this article, we’ll take you through the process of installing the app, creating an account as well as accessing your library using the interface to manage your music collection, searching for music and troubleshooting. So, let’s get started!

Downloading the App

It is the first thing to do downloading the Spotify application. Go to Spotify’s App Store or Play Store on your device, and search „Spotify.“ Download and install the application. After it’s installed, you can start it and you’ll be set to start.

Creating an Account

If you don’t are a member, then you’ll have to make one. After you’ve launched the application, you’ll be asked to sign up for an account. It’s as easy as filling in your email, choosing an account name, and selecting the password. Once you’ve established an account on the site, you’ll be able for your next stage.

Connecting to Your Library

Once you’ve set up an account, you’re now ready to join your library. For this to happen, simply open the app and select „Connect.“ You’ll then be asked to enter the details for your library. After you’ve completed your credentials you’ll be able to connect to the music collection.

Navigating the Interface

After you’ve connected your library, you’re now ready to understand how to navigate the interface. The primary screen of your app will be the homepage screen. It’s where you’ll find your playlists and music. To get access to your music, select your „My Music“ tab. This will show an overview of all your music. You can also browse your playlists, discover new music, and discover new genres and artists.

Managing Your Music

When you’ve discovered the music you’d like for listening to control it by clicking the „Manage“ button. It will display an option that lets you to remove or add tracks from the library. You can also build playlists, and even share the music you like with your friends.

Searching for Music

If you’re searching for something particular, you can utilize the search bar that is located at near the bottom of the application. Enter an artist’s name, the album’s title or track you’re searching for, and the app will provide you with the results. You can then click on the album or track to play it.


If you’re having difficulty accessing your library or using the app There are some solutions you could try. First, ensure that you’re using the correct credentials to connect with your library. If this doesn’t work, attempt restarting your app or installing it. If none of this works it is possible to contact support from the Spotify support team for assistance.


Spotify is a fantastic method to connect to your music library from your phone. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to join your account, use through the interface to manage your music and browse for new songs. So, why not test it out!

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting All The Time? Here’s How To Fix It

A slow WiFi connection that drops out of service repeatedly time can cause a huge problem.

The cause could range that ranges from an outdated router and poor internet speed to a wrong computer configuration or an enormous downtime at your internet provider’s end.

To help you determine why your WiFi has stopped working We’ve created an explanation that includes an array of possible factors and solutions that can assist you in bringing that fast internet service back to full speed.

Why Does My WiFi Keep Disconnecting?

If you’re trying to send an important email , or you’re trying to make conference calls using your laptop or desktop device or laptop, a lost WiFi connection could cause an obstruction to your day. The most common reasons your WiFi is disconnected are:

  • In Airplane mode
  • Slow speeds due to signal loss, slow DNS servers or packet loss
  • Invalid WiFi driver software
  • A recent update has introduced problems that interfere with the WiFi connection.
  • Problems with power management
  • A wireless adapter that has not been properly configured
  • The router is outdated or damaged
  • The Router may be damaged or is further away from your device.
  • Interference in the network
  • Massive service disruption
  • Living in a region that has a limited or no internet access
  • This WiFi driver won’t be compatible the latest version of your operating system.

What to Do When Your WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

Although there are various reasons for why your WiFi connection has stopped working and you’re able to solve many of them by yourself. Before we get into more intricate solutions, you can try some of these simple tests to ensure that your WiFi is functioning within a matter of minutes.

Quick Checks

  • Make sure the WiFi toggle is turned ON.
  • Check that you’re connecting to the proper WiFi connection.
  • Check that everything in your router wired correctly. be.
  • Examine the light indicators at your router. find whether any are unusual or not green at all. Use your router’s manual to understand what each light signifies and how to solve any issues.
  • Place your phone closer your router, especially in areas with lots of interference. You could also purchase an WiFi range extender that can boost the strength of your WiFi signal’s power.
  • Connect in an Ethernet cable to your gadget, and then check whether the connection is stable once more. If it is then the problem is related to your wireless connection.
  • Make sure to check with your ISP for any connectivity issues or service interruptions in your area.
  • Get rid of any electronic or other objects that may interfere with your router.
  • Change the WiFi channel on your router especially if the network you’re using tends to overtake other nearby networks.
  • Restart your laptop, computer or mobile device, or router to reset your network settings. You can then connect to WiFi to connect again.
  • Make sure you are aware of any updates that are pending on your system and install the updates.
  • Removing and adding to the network wireless.
  • Disable your security software temporarily (antivirus) because it could be in conflict with other software , causing problems in you WiFi connection.
  • Update the firmware of your router. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, make sure you check the instructions with your ISP.
  • Conduct a network diagnostic in order to identify the cause of the problem. For Windows 10, right-click the WiFi icon in the taskbar and choose Troubleshoot issues. On Mac choose the System Preferences menu, then Menu > Assist Me Diagnostics and select to use the Diagnostics tool. Diagnostics tool.

Update or Reinstall WiFi Adapter Driver

If the driver for your WiFi adapter is outdated it will keep disconnected from the WiFi. It is possible to update or install the driver in order to fix the issue.

  1. Make a right click the Start and select Device Manager and then choose Network adapters to expand the scope of the category.
  1. Then, right-click on the wireless adapter and choose the Update Driver option..

To install the driver again click on the adapter’s right side and choose to uninstall the driver. Restart your computer, and Windows will install and download the latest edition of the driver. You can also download the most current driver from the internet then install the driver on your PC.

Check Power Management Settings

The settings on your PC’s Power Management settings may disable the wireless adapter, causing it to lose connection temporarily. It is possible to make a minor alteration to your settings to solve the issue.

  1. Click right-click to startthen Device Manager and then expand to the network Adapters area.
  2. Double-click on the WiFi adapter’s name then select the Power Management tab, and then uncheck the box. Computer to shut down this device in order to preserve the power box. Restart your PC and verify whether your WiFi connection is working.

Check DHCP Settings

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) automatically assigns IP addresses throughout the network, to allow your devices to communicate and connect to the internet. If you encounter a problem with the DHCP the WiFi won’t function properly.

  1. On Windows 10, select the Start menuand then Settings> Network & Internet and then choose WiFi.
  1. Select the connection you want to use and verify that it’s assigning IP option in your IP Settings indicates Automatic (DHCP). If it is, DHCP is turned on, however If it’s not, go to edit to select Automatic (DHCP) and then examine if the WiFi you are using is better.
  2. If you’re using the Mac choose the menu and then Settings to Network and make sure your network is green with a dot beside it.
  1. Choose the Advanced >> TCP/IP tab, and verify that there is a Set up IPv4 option is displayed. using DHCP. If not, click the dropdown menu and select the option, and then check if your WiFi is working again.

Resolve Dropped or Lost WiFi Connections

If your WiFi is not working after following the instructions in this guide, you may reset the computer or router to reset them back to their factory default settings. The settings you’ve set will be lost as well as data after the reset process, therefore, make sure to backup all data stored on the computer.

After you reset your router Give it time to establish itself and test your WiFi connection once more. If nothing else works then call your ISP for assistance or connect to WiFi without internet access.

How To Insert Image Into PDF

The most straightforward way to add any image file to an Adobe PDF with just only a couple of clicks. It includes JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF.

PDF is definitely the preferred format for sharing documents and storage. However, there could be occasions when you require add annotations, change or convert pictures into PDF file formats. While the majority of PDF readers offer basic editing features but adding images in different formats like JPG and PNG files is not practical.

Luckily there is the Smallpdf Editor is able to aid you with this. Continue reading to learn how to insert images into an online PDF file for without cost, and from any format of image.

How to Insert Image in PDF

  1. Upload your document into the pdf editor tool.
  2. Simply click on the „image“ icon and then select the image you would like to add.
  3. Place the image and then resize it.
  4. Share or download your completed file!

Incorporate any image into any PDF with just few clicks.

Pro Tips: While you’re within the PDF Editor, you are able to as well draw and add texts, or create various shapes. What you’ll need to modify your document.

This procedure should be fairly easy. If you require assistance Send an email to us!

Are My PDFs and Images Secure?

Your files are safe when you embed images into PDFs using us. All file transfers use SSL connections. Smallpdf removes all files off our servers after one hour of processing time, with one exception: PDF files we send to sign. We keep them on our servers for long enough to allow you to be able to edit them as well as download the files!

Any Other Tools?

Smallpdf Smallpdf it is possible to perform more than add images to PDF files. In addition, as mentioned earlier, in the PDF Editor, you can also include texts, shapes or even draw freely using our highlighter and pen tools.

We also offer a variety of additional web-based tools that are no cost, which means you’re capable of editing and manipulating your PDF files in any manner you’d like. The most well-known tools are:

Compress – when you upload images to PDFs the size of the file may dramatically increase. Make use of this tool to shrink the size of your documents without affecting the image quality.

Convert is a good option if you’d like you to transform your pdf to an editable format like Word or PPT.

Electronic Signature – to sign documents online, and also the ability to have them signed by other parties.

Secure your PDF documents using the use of a password that is secure, to protect your documents for sharing.

Can I Add Image to PDF Mac?

With the help of an online platform, you can utilize the Smallpdf Editor to incorporate text and images to PDF files using all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) or browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome) as you’d like.

What’s a Pro User?

While all our tools are completely free of cost however, there are some limitations. With a Professional account, you’ll have unlimited access to every Smallpdf feature as well as additional perks including batch processing‘ as well as access to our offline Desktop application.

We provide a seven-day trial to test the service before you commit. You are able to cancel at any point. The cost for joining? Starting at $9 per month or less if you sign up to one of our Team or Business plans with your coworkers.

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