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Mercado de Optimism Sube 6,5%: Coinbase Construye Capa 2

• Coinbase has announced that it is building its layer 2 blockchain using the OP Stack in collaboration with Optimism.
• Optimism’s native token, OP, rose 6.5% following the announcement.
• The layer 2 blockchain, called Base, will not have a native token unlike other layer 2 blockchains like Polygon (MATIC).

Optimism Token Price Rises 6.5% Following Coinbase Announcement

Coinbase recently announced they are building their layer 2 blockchain using the OP Stack in partnership with Optimism. The news caused optimism’s native token, OP, to rise by 6.5%.

What is Layer 2?

Layer 2 is an additional protocol built on top of a base-level blockchain such as Ethereum or Bitcoin that allows for faster and more efficient transactions than what’s possible on the underlying network. It works by offloading some of the processing power from the main chain onto another network which can handle larger transaction volumes and lower costs for users.

Base – A Layer 2 Without Native Tokens

Coinbase’s layer 2 blockchain, called Base, will not have a native token like other layer 2 blockchains such as Polygon (MATIC). The first stage of Base will be a testnet but it is expected that when its mainnet launches, it will support features such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs), lending protocols and dapps with better performance than similar products running on protocols like Arbitrum, Polygon and Optimism.

NFT Marketplace Launched Last Year

In addition to its involvement in Layer-2 scaling solutions, Coinbase also launched an NFT marketplace last year but its volume has been low compared to competitors OpenSea and LooksRare according to Dune Analytics data.


Coinbase’s foray into Layer-2 solutions and NFT marketplaces makes them one of the most innovative players in crypto today. As they continue to develop new technologies and applications within this space, we should expect further growth from both Optimism tokens (OP) as well as Coinbase itself.

Judge Warns Bankman-Fried of Possible ‚Revocation‘ Proceedings

• Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX, has been accused of criminal fraud and was released on bond.
• During a recent hearing to discuss the case, Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan warned that he could potentially revoke Bankman-Fried’s bond if he continues violating court orders.
• The judge expressed doubt that Bankman-Fried was using a VPN to watch football as originally stated by prosecutors.

Sam Bankman-Fried Accused of Criminal Fraud

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX cryptocurrency exchange, has been accused of criminal fraud and was released on bond.

Judge Warns Revocation Proceedings Possible

During a hearing to discuss the case earlier this week, Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan warned that he could potentially revoke Bankman-Fried’s bond if he continues violating court orders. Prosecutors had alleged that Bankman-Fried had violated a previous court order against using encrypted technology when he used a virtual private network (VPN) to watch the Super Bowl. They urged the court to consider stricter measures such as blocking Bankman-Fried from using cellphones, computers or any internet-connected devices except in limited, case-related circumstances.

Defense Argues Against „Draconian“ Measures

Bankman-Fried’s lawyer Mark Cohen pushed back against the measures proposed by prosecutors calling them “draconian.“ He argued that his client needed access to the internet and applications like Google Docs in order to effectively prepare for his coming trial.

Judge Expresses Doubt Over Reason For VPN Use

However Judge Kaplan seemed unconvinced and even suggested that the government’s proposed measures might not be enough. He questioned why someone would need to use a VPN in order to simply watch a football game on TV which can be done for free.


Regardless of what happens next with Sam Bankman-Fried’s case, it is clear that Judge Lewis Kaplan is taking it seriously and will not hesitate to take action should any further violations occur in regard to bail conditions set by the court.

SEC Slams Kraken With Staking Charges, But No Industry Consultation

• The SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce expressed concern that the regulator did not consult with the crypto industry before enforcing charges against Kraken’s staking service.
• According to Peirce, the SEC’s decision to settle was “arbitrary” and their restriction of Kraken’s settlement terms is unacceptable.
• Peirce suggested that this case could become a wider war over the legality of staking services in the US, as other entities like Coinbase also offer such services.

SEC Did Not Consult Industry Before Staking Charges

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner Hester Peirce expressed her concerns on Friday, saying that the regulator did not consult with the crypto industry before enforcing charges against Kraken’s staking service. This comes after Kraken settled with the SEC on Thursday for $30 million and shutting down its U.S. staking business after being accused of violating federal securities law.

Regulation-By-Enforcement In Crypto Space

Peirce said that this case was another example of regulation-by-enforcement in digital assets space, as the SEC had known about staking for a long time but decided to move now without consulting anyone in the industry first. She said that “we had not tried to sit down with people in the industry” and added that “yesterday’s decision basically said, ‘Let’s just shut it down.‘ That can’t be an answer.“

Kraken Settlement Terms Unacceptable

In particular, Peirce was unhappy about the restrictive terms of Kraken’s settlement which states that they will never relaunch their staking business for U.S customers again even if they go through all motions required by law to operate legally again. This raises questions about what would happen with other entities like Coinbase who also offer such services in U.S despite legal ambiguity around them right now?

Wider War Ahead?

Peirce warned that this case could become a wider war between regulators and crypto businesses offering services related to staking or DeFi protocols in general as most such activities are currently unregulated by various jurisdictions including United States at least partly due to lack of proper guidance from regulators themselves leading many companies to guess their way around laws or simply ignore them altogether till now when regulators have started taking action against them one by one recently starting out from Kraken first which has been forced into settling now but who knows may be Coinbase is next!


Ultimately, It remains too early yet to tell how this would play out for both sides but it does seem likely that more cases like these will follow soon enough as regulators are clearly serious about bringing compliance back into crypto space whether companies like it or not so everyone should make sure they remain up to date with all new regulatory developments related to cryptocurrencies from here onward!

NounsDAO Creates NFT Comic Book Series to Expand IP

• NounsDAO is creating an NFT comic book series with Titan Comics and ComicsDAO.
• The comic books will be minted as NFTs and buyers can redeem their digital tokens for a physical copy.
• The project hopes to expand the brand’s IP and creativity by building out the narrative of its NFT collection.

NounsDAO Creating NFT Comic Book Series

NounsDAO, in collaboration with Titan Comics, ComicsDAO, and 4K Protocol is creating an NFT comic book series titled „Nouns: Nountown“. The series will feature a storyline about the tokens within the Nouns ecosystem and will be authored by David Leach (senior editor at Titan) and illustrated by Danny Schlitz.

Minting of Digital Tokens

The comic books will be securely vaulted by Web3 security provider 4K Protocol. Post-mint, buyers can redeem their digital tokens for a physical copy or purchase the physical book in stores. This way, traditional content categories such as comics can enjoy a new life with Web3 technologies.

Expanding Intellectual Property

The project also aims to expand the intellectual property (IP) of it’s brand through this collaboration; operating under CC0 copyright classification. Anonymous co-founder of Nouns 4156 said that releasing a digital and physical comic book would inspire community members to seek new ways to extend the brand’s creativity.

Adam Fortier’s Take on Project

Adam Fortier, comic industry veteran and founder of ComicsDAO expressed his enthusiasm about Web3 technologies bringing a new life to classic categories of content; stating that comics were totally interested in different stories but also had the collectible aspect which embodied the essence of NFTS in the physical world.


In conclusion, this collaboration between several projects is allowing for more creative expansion into open-source brands through storytelling via comics as well as offering buyers access to both digital & physical versions which supports wider adoption of blockchain technologies into traditional products & services.

Blaues Haar: Ein neuer Trend in der Beauty-Welt

Von Jahr zu Jahr ändern sich die Trends in der Beauty-Welt und Haarfarben sind da keine Ausnahme. Eine der neuesten Trends ist die blaue Haarfarbe. Blaues Haar ist ein bisschen wie ein Regenbogen auf dem Kopf und kann einem jeden Look etwas Extravaganz verleihen. Dieser Artikel untersucht den Trend des blauen Haares und wie man ihn am besten zur Geltung bringen kann.

Was genau ist blaues Haar?

Blaues Haar ist eine einzigartige Haarfarbe, die auf dem Kopf ein bisschen wie ein Regenbogen aussieht. Es gibt viele verschiedene Schattierungen von Blau, von einem subtilen dämmerigen Blau bis hin zu einem leuchtenden Türkis. Viele Leute bevorzugen ein gedeckteres Blau, da es mehr natürlich aussieht. Blaues Haar ist auch eine gute Möglichkeit, einen Look aufzupeppen und ihm etwas Extravaganz zu verleihen.

Wie trägt man blaues Haar?

Blaues Haar sieht am besten aus, wenn es in einem modernen Stil getragen wird. Es kann als Highlight auf hellen Haaren getragen werden, in Form von Strähnen oder als komplette Haarfarbe. Blaues Haar kann auch kombiniert werden mit anderen Farben wie Rosa oder Lila, um einen einzigartigen und trendigen Look zu erzielen.

Wie pflegt man blaues Haar?

Blaues Haar ist ein bisschen anspruchsvoller als andere Haarfarben, da es die Farbe schneller verblasst. Um das Blau länger zu erhalten, sollten spezielle shampoos und Conditioner verwendet werden, die speziell für farbbehandeltes Haar entwickelt wurden. Man sollte auch darauf achten, das Haar nicht zu oft zu waschen, um das Verblassen der Farbe zu vermeiden.


Blaues Haar ist ein neuer Trend in der Beauty-Welt und bietet eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, einem Look Extravaganz zu verleihen. Es gibt viele verschiedene Schattierungen von Blau, die man ausprobieren kann, und es kann in verschiedenen Stilen getragen werden. Blaues Haar bedarf aber auch besonderer Pflege, um die Farbe länger zu erhalten.

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