Global erfolgreich durch professionelle Dienstleistungsarbeit.

Prompt and practical transfer of results

The prompt and practical transfer of results pursues three objectives

1. To integrate validated results as quickly and efficiently as possible into the vocational training of companies.

2. To continuously prepare (intermediate) results for the diverse target groups - in particular for the small to medium-sized companies, for occupational training, unions, associations, etc.

3. To convey widely-applicable findings to protagonists within society - with regard to the employment effect or repercussions for training programs.

This includes the following steps, amongst others

– the specific preparation for companies from the IT, media, logistics, telecommunications and engineering sectors and

– strategic concepts for the individual target groups

– a checklist of "Globally successful service skills" for use in politics

– regular public experts panels.

The internet platform takes on a central role within the transfer concept for the project.

In addition, GlobePro seeks to build networks with research projects of a similar nature.