Global erfolgreich durch professionelle Dienstleistungsarbeit.

Reshape training

Pilot projects: develop, implement, evaluate

Above all, the vocational training and further education of skilled labor in services must place greater emphasis on the global economy.

Pilot projects are developed to address this need, based on research results, and are planned and implemented within companies with the involvement of the research institute. Their purpose is to develop and test innovative responses to the challenges presented by globalization. Their approach is to develop new solutions in terms of training and personal development within the context of genuine business requirements. The pilot projects form the basis for the development of Best Practices and scenario-specific guidance.

The development, implementation and evaluation of pilot projects is both supported and evaluated through research work and analysis.


Following a case-specific analysis of the current situation, tangible development proposals and modules are developed both with and for the respective company. The development plans are subsequently put into practice at the respective company, under academic observation, and evaluated.