Global erfolgreich durch professionelle Dienstleistungsarbeit.

Development of Best Practice

Three challenges

To what extent the results can be generalized and what Best Practices can be gained is the subject of this third module. There are three challenges relating to this task:

1. To determine the characteristics of globally-successful service work, and to create broad awareness of the barriers and potentials to becoming successful in the global sector.

2. To develop Best Practice samples for specific target groups. Of particular interest are the requirements of small and medium-sized companies, corporate vocational training and personal development, e-learning and blended learning, external vocational training at technical and vocational colleges.

3. To evaluate the findings in cooperation with the project partners and to make them transferable to other sectors; to develop sector-specific Best Practice solutions for the IT industry, the media sector, telecommunications industry, logistics sector and engineering.

The most important methods and instruments are, beyond the sector- and target group-specific preparation of the results, evaluation designs and criteria, feedback workshops with company members and academic experts.