Global erfolgreich durch professionelle Dienstleistungsarbeit.

GlobePro trains for the next phase of globalization

A growing number of companies are competing at a global level. A growing number of people are employed in the global, modern service sector. The purpose of GlobePro is to help the service sector get fit for the next phase of globalization.

Globalization 2.0

We have entered a new phase of globalization. As well as almost unlimited access to financial markets, raw materials and technologies, information is readily available around the world - through global communication and information networks - in fractions of a second. This global network forms the basis for Globalization 2.0: It creates a globally accessible information space in which services are also now distributed and delivered from around the world. This is how service companies, in addition to the more traditional industries before them, are drawn into the maelstrom of globalization.

IT sector: enabler and pioneer

The IT sector as a whole is the enabler for the global digital service sector. Within the service industry the IT sector is also a pioneer: it was affected by globalization earlier than other sectors and, as a consequence, was one of the first to develop new work and business models in order to compete globally. The entire service sector can learn from this experience.

More than specialists required

Globalization 2.0 brings with it fundamental changes to work practices within companies. No longer is it just the highly-qualified employees and specialists working within an international environment, but also the employees with medium qualifications who work with customers and colleagues from abroad. The accountant responsible for the wage slips of colleagues at foreign subsidiaries, or the member of the support team at a software company that deals with foreign customer enquiries are just two examples of this development. Globalization demands new skills of employees, and these go far beyond just linguistic ability and intercultural skills. The subsequent requirements in terms of training and skill development are being assessed as part of the GlobePro project.

GlobePro establishes new training concepts

GlobePro examines which global business models in the digital service sector have been successfully implemented, and identifies the challenges relating to the training of employees. The project assesses sustainable vocational training concepts, and prepares them in the form of Best Practices for vocational training in the service sector.